UVClean Wand Sterilizer™ Portable 4W UVC Sanitizer

UVClean Wand Sterilizer™ Portable 4W UVC Sanitizer

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Heavy-traffic places, with high-touch things, quickly transmit germs and illness from person to person to unsuspecting person.

UVClean Wand Sterilizer™ uses ultraviolet light to disinfect the surfaces of objects from COVID-19, MERS, SARS, and other life-threatening viruses. Recommended by US Center for Disease Control (CDC) as highly effective, UVC is proven to render microorganisms dead*.

Hover the wand at 1 inch above objects and target surfaces to destroy 99.9% of all viruses and pathogens in 20- to 30-seconds. Effective on plastics, wood, metals, fabric, and other materials.

Use UVClean Wand Sterilizer™ to decontaminate shoes, baby toys, gym lockers, books, office supplies, doorknobs, toilet covers, cash registers, restaurant tables, computers, cellphones, and face masks.

Push-button activation, portable, and lightweight. Battery operated for immediate action.

Model #:





10.43×1.61×1.50“, 265x41x38 mm


0.44 lb, 0.2 kg



Product Material:

ABS material

Bulb lifespan:

30,000 hours

Power Supply:

Alkaline battery (4 x AA)

UV wavelength:

253.7 nm

Sterilizing area: